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GrowSol offers its holders the unique opportunity to earn Solana (SOL) simply by holding onto their GrowSol tokens.



Pioneers in the Solana space

GrowSol is an innovative token in the Solana network, aiming to redefine passive income in the ecosystem. By holding GrowSol tokens, users can effortlessly accumulate Solana (SOL), making it a valuable utility token.

Beyond rewarding holders, GrowSol is dedicated to expanding the Solana ecosystem. The project focuses on creating products and structures to attract more participants and developers, thus fostering growth within the Solana space.

GrowSol has set 5 key milestones to boost the Solana chain’s growth and support its ecosystem.

The Products and Apps around $GRW will make it the first Sustainable Reward Token.

How does GrowSol Work?

Tax collection

Contract collects an 8% tax in tokens every buy/sell transaction and sets them aside.


A custom script run on a VPS keeps collecting the taxes from the deployer every minute.

Swap for Sols

When a certain threshold is reached, collected tokens get AUTOMATICALLY swapped into Sols.

Reward everybody

Sols get spread across holders depending on how many GrowSol they hold.



GrowTrade (GT Bot), a Telegram-based trading bot, implements a tax system where a portion of each trade goes towards burning the specific token being sold, creating deflationary pressure. The remaining portion of the trade is used to purchase GrowSol tokens, fostering continuous demand for GrowSol within the ecosystem.

The bot’s rapid trading transactions aim to boost GrowSol’s trading volume, enhancing its market potential even through investors that are not trading GrowSol’s Token.

BuyBack & Burn

0.25% of the traded coin by user is burned, 0.25% buys back GrowSol Token and 0.25% goes for development.


Functionalities such as auto-trade, take profit, adjust gas fees will be included.


Through this system, users earn rewards for each successful referral, encouraging the expansion of the GrowTrade bot.


A never seen transactional speed on Solana's Blockchain thanks to the improved algorithm and Next-Gen servers.


Swap & Bridge with ease and privacy

GrowBridge facilitates private crypto transactions, offering a seamless experience for sending, swapping, bridging, and receiving digital assets across various blockchain networks.

Emphasizing user privacy, GrowBridge conceals wallet addresses during transactions.
Acting as a sophisticated hub, it collaborates with compliant, non-custodial exchanges and integrates state-of-the-art privacy protocols to ensure regulatory compliance and transactional confidentiality.

By monitoring a wide array of crypto pairs, GrowBridge dynamically compares rates to provide users with the most cost-efficient options.

As part of the GrowSol’s Ecosystem, GrowBridge uses the revenue it gets on each swap as follows:


Sharing means Growth

As one of its primary milestones, GrowSol is preparing to unveil its proprietary Typescript script on GitHub, facilitating the creation of customized reward tokens at no cost. This initiative aims to promote equal opportunities and accelerate growth within the Solana ecosystem.

By encouraging developers to craft their own reward tokens, GrowSol seeks to ignite innovation and creativity, ultimately drawing more individuals into the Solana network. This release marks the first of four key milestones envisioned by GrowSol.


– Initial GrowSol draft idea
– Development of a Reward Token on Solana
– Establish social media presence on platforms like Twitter and Telegram
– Engage with the community through giveaways and promotions to build a strong foundation.
– Awareness marketing

– Ramp up marketing efforts, collaborating with prominent influencers on Twitter, and Telegram to increase visibility and attract new holders.
– Launch targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and generate interest in the project.
– Focus on community engagement through interactive activities and events to foster loyalty and participation.

– Official Launch of GrowSol
– Launch of Tracking Rewards dApp
– Continue to enhance the project’s infrastructure and features based on community feedback and market trends.
MILESTONE: Reach 2,500 holders: Release the TypeScript custom code on GitHub, enabling transparency and community involvement in the Solana’s development.

– Introduce new partnerships and collaborations to expand the project’s reach and capabilities.
– Launch viral marketing campaigns on Twitter to increase awareness and drive organic growth.
MILESTONE 14 Days after launch: Release GrowTrade, the trading bot, providing users with additional utility and incentivizing further adoption.
– Further develop the ecosystem by exploring innovative use cases and integrating new features based on emerging technologies and trends.

– Focus on maintaining a strong community presence and fostering continued engagement through ongoing initiatives and incentives.
MILESTONE: Expanding the ecosystem by exploring inventive applications and integrating cutting-edge AI- driven features based on emerging technologies and trends.
– Strive for sustainability and longevity by establishing a roadmap for future growth and expansion, ensuring Growsol remains a leading project within the cryptocurrency space.

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GrowSol applies a nominal 8% tax on both purchases and sells, which is utilized to reward its holders in Solanas. This tax is distributed as follows.

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To Holders
0 %
Outreach Reserve

Token Allocation

In GrowSol, the total token supply is divided sensibly: Development Teams, Liquidity Pools, Marketing and Buyback. This ensures fair distribution and fosters participation.

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Token Supply
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  • Download Phantom Wallet

    Set up your Phantom wallet by following the on-screen instructions. It is available as mobile app or Chrome extension.

  • Buy SOL

    Open your preferred cryptocurrency exchange that supports Solana trading and buy the amount you want.

  • Transfer Funds to your Wallet

    Navigate to your Phantom wallet extension and find your SOL wallet address. Now send the Sols to your Phantom wallet.

  • Swap on FluxBeam

    Connect your wallet on and swap your Sols into GrowSol. Congrats! You now hold GrowSol.

Community and Updates

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